Create Your Home

Home Automation

Create your home to be inviting and comfortable as well as unique by controlling your lights, security, and music from a keypad, dimmer switch, or remote. You are not limited to a spot on the wall, you can adjust from anywhere from your bedside, or tabletop to the inside of your car.

Let your lights come on to welcome you home. You can press a button and your interior/exterior lights turn on as you pull in front of your home, or ensure lights are turned off when you leave with a single touch of a button.

Intuitive and Personalized

Wireless Controls

Have the convenience of tabletop control at your bedside or anywhere to never forget to turn out the lights.

For your relaxing retreat, Lutron wireless controls can make your lights. Whether you want seamless transitions from your kitchen to your more intuitive and personalized to your lifestyle.

To be able to adjust your window shades with precise control to create elegant transitions of daylight. Still view the outside while reducing glare on computer and television screens. Create privacy at the touch of a button, protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays and create complete darkness by lowering blackout shades, any room can be personalized for elegance and comfort of your choice.

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Whether you are looking to have something as simple as a TV installed on your wall, or a full-blown home automation system, we do it all. How cool would it be to control your house from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world? With today’s technology, almost anything is possible. If you can dream it, we can build it.