Watch from anywhere

Home Surveillance

Ring: Lets you watch over your home and answer your door from anywhere- vacation- the store even in your home on the couch. Ring with its Video doorbell- stick-up cameras- and floodlight cameras you can create the perfect ring around your home. Ring makes sure you never miss anything or anyone.

Set Your Lighting From Anywhere

Lighting Control

You can set the lighting for any where in or outside of your home to dining to family room to bedroom to outside on a timer you design it. Even design shades to go by the light outside.

Protection and Security

Sensor Systems

Check and Readjust

Phone & Monitor

Check and adjust security, temperatures, and lights via any phone at home or away. Monitor and control with a Smartphone or iPhone.

Who's on your driveway?

Vehicle Detection

Watch from anywhere to see who’s on your driveway or property. Turn on the lights and turn on the television to view whose is in your driveway.

Variety of

Alarm Systems

There a variety of alarms available for you to choose from:

Who's on your driveway?

Monitoring Systems

An option we offer is to have your home or business monitored. No long term contract commitment is required. Changes to you monitoring service can be made at anytime through our office.

User-Friendly Softwares

Programming Systems

The system is equipped with user-friendly programs. OMNI will set up the intial programming and train you on your customized system. If your program needs any change, we can make changes for you or you can make the changes yourself with the user-friendly software.

Extra Layer of Protection

Lock Systems

Locking systems that protects your home or property. OMNI will help set up the smart locks for your home or property and will train you how to use your newly equipped lock on your door.

Flick of a switch

Window Candles

The candles are wired directly to a central power supply. All lights can be turned ON and OFF automatically with the flick of a switch, an automatic timer, or a photocell.

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Whether you are looking to have something as simple as a TV installed on your wall, or a full-blown home automation system, we do it all. How cool would it be to control your house from your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world? With today’s technology, almost anything is possible. If you can dream it, we can build it.